10/02/2015 01:09
After a report asserted that the next-gen Samsung smartphone carry a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and will arrive in two different sizes, a separate report claims the phone will have a phablet- a unique camera along with rescue screen. According to Korean website MK, the Galaxy S7 is going to...
09/27/2015 23:23
LG si going to launch its LG G5 and G5 Pro smartphone soon next year. Here we are going to talk about camera and battery specs of this flagship smartphone. LG G5 Camera Specs: When it comes to camera, some report mentioned that the primary camera will be of 21.4 MP with double LED flash while the...
09/21/2015 12:06
We have learned a couple recent rumors focused on the approaching Galaxy S7, plus a fresh report may reveal even more about the future flagship phone. Mentioning "business insider," the report implies that international versions could carry the Qualcomm processor. Meanwhile, South Korean...
09/21/2015 08:25
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09/21/2015 08:24
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