HTC One M10 to arrive as HTC O2 with Snapdragon 820

12/27/2015 15:14

HTC's 2015 main, the One M9, did not manage to enjoy the success (of its predecessor) the company was hoping for. Up to now, HTC's been consistent with its main, naming it One, One M9, One M8, and releasing it around MWC 2015. It'd be safe to assume the HTC One M10 would be landing around MWC 2016, but preceding gossips talked about a late 2015 statement of a flagship mobile with Snapdragon 810 onboard.

HTC ONE M10 Rumours

The latest report claims that there will likely be no HTC One M10, but, instead, the main will likely be called HTC O2 (O2 could stand for the 2nd generation/family of One phones, or something totally different, as well as the carrier called the same way). Whatever the case, the report asserts that the HTC One M10, now known as the O2, will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chip, which means that we'll likely see it around the end of Q1 next year, either before (if we are lucky), or post MWC 2016.

Same source asserts the Snapdragon 820 WOn't be an octa-core chip, however a quad-core processor (processed under Samsung's 14nm FinFET procedure) based on Qualcomm's own Hydra ARM cores. It is expected to surpass the operation of Samsung's Exynos 7420 (powering the S6, S6 border, Note 5, and S6 edge ), while providing amazing battery life, fast operation, all while being trendy. Other rumors imply 4GB of RAM should be below the hood too, but, in the instant, there's no confirmation (not that there's any info to support the preceding either). The LG G5, Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, Xiaomi Mi5 and Note 6 are going to be big competitors of HTC this year.

What do you think HTC needs to do to the HTC One M10 (HTC O2) as a way to recover momentum?