HTC One M10 Release Date, Features, Specs & Rumours

01/19/2016 17:29

HTC ONE M10: Most Stylish, Strong One M Series Mobile Arriving Soon?

Not intimidated by all the new releases from rumours of HTC, in the cellular technology industry joins the fray with new reports alleging a brand new smartphone will be unveiled soon. "Since HTC is known for its planning and solidity, chances for the new HTC smartphone release date are less."

"Nevertheless, there is also a possibility that it'll be established in December, given that other huge companies are starting their new devices too," the site added.

Based on present buzz about the merchandise, the One M10 may be a major update as its rumored specs are observed to be a considerable improvement over that of its predecessor.

HTC ONE M10 Rumours and features

"The HTC One M10 is expected to use Qualcomm's yet to be declared Snapdragon 820 chip, after analysts blamed overheating difficulties linked to the Snapdragon 810 for lacklustre income of the One M9," The Inquirer noted. "Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 is apparently 35 percent quicker than the 810 and 30 percent more power efficient."

The handset will also apparently have 4GB of RAM, a 6-inch display with 1440 x 2560 QHD resolution, a 5MP selfie camera, a 20.7MP back camera, and a 3,500mAh battery. Venture Capital Post, nevertheless, said that while the unit could be equipped with a Snapdragon 820 processor, it will only have a 5-inch screen. Nonetheless its front-facing camera will file 27MP and have autofocus and face detection. It'll also have 3GHz octa-core HMP cyclone tech, plus "two powerful stereo speakers, dual sim support, fingerprint scanner, in addition to watertight and dustproof certifications."

"Additionally, HTC One M10 is rumored to come with wireless charging and its own camera will give direct competition to Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4. Aside from those, next year's main might also keep the plan of its own predecessor or have a brand new one," the news portal site went on to say. HTC hasn't verified these reports or attributes yet, as is the custom of the majority of smartphone makers. What is certain is that smartphone users expect the following version to be a considerably better one, although HTC One M9, its predecessor, was a thing of beauty in itself. The battery life needed a boost and also the camera could use some improvement. The Taiwanese technology company would inject something new in the layout of One M10, although the M9 was a looker, to keep things interesting. 

Further, TechRadar mentioned a fingerprint scanner on the M10 would additionally be nifty, even though it's better to nix that attribute if HTC is not able to whip up an outstanding version for the approaching handset.

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